• Founded March 3, 1985. We offer Montessori education to children ages three to six in a small building on Walnut Street in Greenville.

  • 1994, our program expanded to include a Montessori early elementary program.

  • 1995 we moved to our current elementary building on Central Avenue.

  • 2002 we became a certified child-care provider, offering before and after school programs to working parents.

  • 2009 we opened our Jr. High Farm School, making us the only provider of Jr. High Montessori education in the region.

  • 2015 we added grade nine to our Jr. High offerings.


We are truly a staff of dedicated educators, committed to Montessori principles and eager to see your child succeed. Each classroom is staffed with certified Montessori professionals and supported by a team of para-professionals, volunteers, parents and families. We pride ourselves on staff retention and continuing professional development.


Our goals are for the students to be open-minded and compassionate; to gain a sense of themselves and others; and to understand and appreciate the diversity of the human spirit. Our students are well trained in the basic academic disciplines, while fulfilling their creative, physicial, emotional, social and cognitive potential. Our students love learning and value knowledge, creativity and humor. They are responsible, critical and caring members of our society. They recognize that they have power and resources to effect change, and the self-esteem and confidence to pursue their goals.


We believe that children learn best through intrinsic motivation, that they succeed when they have control over their learning. We are fiercely protective of concentration. We teach peace and do not dwell on competition. Students gain life-long benefits from the practice of self-discipline and independence. Our students will have a positive impact on the world in which they live.


We are licensed in accordance with the accepted policies and guidelines of:

  • The American Montessori Society

  • The State Board of Education

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